Mike Mearls is my hero!


So this is a impromptu (okay deviously plotted) picture of Mike Mearls and me.

Mike who? Mike Mearls…he is my hero…well…my Gaming Hero anyway.

If any of you are dungeon masters and are unfamiliar with Mike Mearls body of work in the RPG industry, you should really take the time to check his stuff out. He is hands down my favorite game designer working in the industry today, only shortly followed by Monte Cook.

While he has a “webpage” I am really unsure when was the last time he actually took anytime to update it. I am thinking several years ago…

At any rate allow me to get back to my hero worship.

So I’ve been listening to the D & D Podcasts since episode 5 first premiered. So of course I made it a point to head back to listen to all the older pod-casts and the new as they hit the net. Between him and David Noonan I’ve taken some really insightful things from those Pod-casts. One of the things about the pod-casts that always made me laugh a little was that every time they had any other WotC* designer on they always asked…”So…what house rules are you using in your game?” The really amusing part about this question is that it was what really clued me into the fact that they might be working on a 4th edition of D & D. I mean if the guys that write the game are using a bunch of house rules it says that they are not happy with the over all product in its current form. Well that and few other hints dropped here and there through out the pod-casts.

So with the pod-casts I knew the voice…I just didn’t have a face to go with it.

So then I head out to GenCon ’07. WotC’s booth isn’t really very subtle in their attempt at chicanery about a big announcement. Dice with the number 4 showing…and Tag-line 4DVENTURE…It was pretty obvious what was going on. So like many I make my way to the D & D 4th Edition Announcement, get my free t-shirt and cool D & D jump drive. They say they are going to have a Q & A session the next day…I leave with a ton of questions in my head.

The next day I ditch two of my events to go to the Q & A session. Bill Slavicsek, Andy Collins, Richard Baker, and Mike Mearls are all in attendance. HOODY FRIKEN HOO!!! For me it was kinda like seeing Stan Lee…I know, that sounds totally whacked, but it really was a huge thing for me. The session gets rolling and the are questions flying. Some great info is relayed to all of us salivating fans of D & D.

Then session ends after 2 really good hours, and what came next is what made Mike, my Gaming Hero. He stuck around for a few moments to talk with a few other folks and answer some quick 4th Edition questions. I was honestly blown away that he even took some time to look over someones crazy silly character (it was pretty ludicris, but diffrent strokes for diffrent folks). He even makes a few quick comments about said character, and then says if anyone wants to talk further we can meet him outside the room. (They needed us to clear out for another seminar)

Once outside I take the time to introduce myself and shake his hand (Yes I have every intention of washing it…wait…that came out all wrong). I ask a few more questions about 4th Edition and he gives me the best answers he can without risking his eternal soul buring in the pits of the Nine Hells (aka getting reamed out by Bill). I let him know that his work on Iron Heroes pretty much changed my entire outlook on D & D, and really struck a huge cord in my creatively. I really took a lot of the book to heart and incorperated what I could into my home game.

We talk somemore and he answers other folks questions and is just all around a great and very pleasant guy. Not that I expected him to be a jerk or anything, but it just made me even happier to know that he is a down to earth guy that writes amazing gaming products.

So he is due else where and has to go. I bid him farewell and am very happy knowing that I got a chance to speak with him. So now comes the odd part, through out the rest of the Con I keep seeing him at diffrent places. My mantra to him becomes “Honestly…I am not stalking you!” It really was just a lot of totally random occurances that we happned to keep bumping into each other (No really it was…why won’t any of you believe me!?!). However each time he just smiled and laughed and usually took a few moments to talk. We chatted about gaming (Not just D & D) and life in general. It was awesome…(Sigh I am a fanboy sometimes)

Of course I made my way back to the WotC* booth several times to keep asking questions that popped into my mind and just to hear other folks questions and comments. It was a great experience, a great mashing of the minds as it were. Several times I spoke with Mr. Mearls agian and each time his answers made me more and more jazzed about 4th Edition. The Last day I dropped by with the hope that he would be kind enough to let me get a picture with him…and well as you see he did.

My hat is off to Mike Mearls, for writing some great products and for putting up with a crazy fan!

*WotC (Wizards of the Coast)


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