So now I am back…from outer space

It’s been some time since I’ve posted a blog…


The main reason behind this is that I got a new job and it has taken me a bit to really get used to my new schedule.  I now work a graveyard shift and it has until recently thrown my life slightly out of whack.  So now I am back into the swing of things as it were and life now feels more normalized.  So I am back and thoughts and posts will flow like water from the excuse I call for a brain.


So what can you readers expect in the next few weeks?  Not much by way of change of content…”all things geek” is still is still my mission statement. So I am just going to run down what to expect, because I got a lot to say and a lot of time to say it now. My job gives me plenty of time to write my rants and raves.


First up I am going to start posting battle reports of my weekly progress in the current Warmachine/Hordes League I am playing in at my Friendly Local Game Store, Enchanted Grounds, here on referred to as EG.


Movie Reviews are finally coming…I think I’ll start with some quick takes on The 2007 Sequel-O-Rama-Fest that permeated theatres this year.  Spider-Man 3, Shrek 3, Pirates 3, Ocean’s 3…I am seeing a pattern Develop…really I am.


Comic reviews will also be pending.  A lot to talk about on that front…and a lot of books sees Tony Stark getting his ass handed to him too I might add.


I will also be posting my current progress on Miniatures that I am painting…so I can share my limited artistic skill with the world!


So with all that said the Big Bad is back…and ready to bore you all!


~ by lyoncage on September 16, 2007.

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