Too Shrek or not to Shrek…

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Shrek 3

This summers second disappointment…sigh…And another wasted 2 hours.  I can’t even devote alot of blog space to this blubbering simpering film.

I will be honest I have really enjoyed the Shrek series for what it was a light hearted CGI romp with humor both adults and children could enjoy.  The first two were more or less well written and honestly had some really funny stuff going on.  Then the money whores at DreamWorks said lets just shit can all the good stuff and make Shrek 3…HOODY FRIKEN HOO!!!  I really want to take an axe to Hollywood executives. I really do.

The Movie: 

Pretty much everyone from Shrek 2 returns…but much like many sequels there is nothing really new or interesting. All the quirky and funny humor from the first 2 endevors is gone.  The jokes are lame and very cookie cutter.

The Frog King dies Shrek not wanting to be a responsible person tries to find someone to take his place…and well no Hilarity ensues.

The movie will really only cater to 5-10 year olds.  None of the coy well disguised adult humor exists in this movie.  Its straight up and down a children’s movie.

What Worked:  Only 2 scenes in the entire film evoked any amount of the giggles in me…the Medieval High School, and the Baby Ogre Dream…That was it!

What Didn’t Work: Much like Spider-Man 3 I have a laundry list…but lets me sum it all up…if your under 10 you’ll like the movie…if your over 10…Watch something else…I feel a deep pain for all the parents that had to take their children to this stinker-fest of a movie.

The Verdict:  I hate Paycheck movies and that all this little film was…


~ by lyoncage on September 16, 2007.

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