Paint it Black…

Okay so I’ve been busy painting minis.  So I decided to share them with you all.

Up first is my Warmachine stuff.  I play the Protectorate of Menoth, I really like they way all thier stuff looks.  And I’ll start posting more of my army soon.

The High Reclaimer 

The High Reclaimer leads the Reclaimate Order, a priest sect powered by the transfer of soul energy upon the death of a menite able to fuel a jack with divine energys or launch a fire assault of soul fire.

The Castigator

A Powerful Heavy Warjack, that devastates its oppnents with its Fists, which are set ablaze by the refined Menoth’s Fury (Alchemist Fire for the Layman)

The High Reclaimer and The Castigator

So next a few of the Mercenaries that inhabit the world of Warmachine.

Eiryss, the Mage Hunter

The elves of Caen inhabit the nation of Ios.  The Elves of Ios also harbor severe xenophobia. Paranoid and agitated by the outside world, they have secluded themselves to their kingdom for several centuries.  Save for the Mage Hunters, an assassin sect that blames humans prolific use arcane magic as the reason thier goddess lies at death’s door.  They hires themselves out to kill all spell casters they come in contact with.

Eiryss redux

This is Eiryss from another angle.

Gorman di Wulfe

The Mad Alchemist, he uses his trade to bring chaos to the battlefield.

Next up are the start of my Hordes figures.  At First I was going to play the Skorne, but they play to much like Menoth so I switched it up and now I am working on the Circle of Orboros

Kaya the Wildborne


This special breed of wild dog, has been used by the Circle for some time.  They two heads can emit a deafing sonic attack called the Doppler Bark.


Once men the warpwolves have changed and evolved into the dreaded warbeast they are today.  Relentless hunters and trackers they are one of the main warbeasts used by the Circle on the field of battle.

Last up is one of my many D & D repaints.   When the Green Slaad came out the only thing I could think was Kermit the Frog.

So here Oprah and I gave the Slaad a make over…


And what a make over…


Just to show you the diffrence…a side by side is in order.

Kermit the Slaad and his Cousin

So thats some of my newest minis.

What do ya all think?


~ by lyoncage on September 18, 2007.

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