D & D Satan’s Game!

So I play D & D and I am proud of that fact…I wear it like a badge of honor, but being a gaming geek carries social stigmas. Almost every single time I tell someone new that I meet that I play, I get asked…”Oh isn’t D & D that evil game? Didn’t some kid kill himself because of the game?” The first questions you should ask instead are is using pencils and paper, rolling odd shaped dice, having to do all sorts of math, do a bit of creative writing, work your verbal skills, and use your imagination evil? If you think so then, you left reality behind along time ago.

What gets me about that is everyone is almost always talking about the Urban Myth of a kid killing himself in the steam tunnels while playing D & D. Like most myths there is some truth to be found, but the truth is it had nothing to do with D & D.

The incident in question happened in 1979. A young troubled kid named James Dallas Egbert III, disappeared from the Michigan State University campus just before exams. The campus police could not find him so his family then hired private detective William Dear. His investigation led to many misinterpreted facts about Egbert’s life. He put a bunch of random fact together and called it a day. And his report changed the way people looked at role–playing and D & D.

It wasn’t until 1984, four years after James Egbert’s death, which I might add was after his third suicide attempt. I did say he was a troubled kid, Dear wrote a book entitled “The Dungeon Master” in which he came clean and said D & D had actually really nothing to do with why Egbert had killed himself. The damage however had already been done, while years have helped heal some if it…many still cling to it as gospel.

I’ve gotten flak my whole life because of it…odd looks, snide comments, rude comments, religious nuts condemning me. Hell prior to getting married to the spectacular woman that I share my life with: I had a girl literally hang up the phone and refuse to speak to me ever again because I happened to play D & D. While this might be a very inflammatory thing to say I’ve some times felt it was more acceptable to be openly gay then openly be a gamer*. So I try and educate folks on my hobby. Try to make them understand that no…I don’t worship the devil…and no we don’t sacrifice cats when we play…and why in the hell would I or any gamer play in a steam tunnels, they are dirty, cramped and over all a bad place to do anything.

So Gaming is my life…in a nutshell. I don’t watch any sports really…save hockey when I can think to catch a game, I do watch Geeky television, see movies, and have a relatively normal existence. But…My passion…my hobby….what I do to unwind…what I look forward to every week…Role-Playing. It is my weekly football game!

It is when I leave the day to day troubles behind. I leave mundane world and enter a world rich with color and life. In my mind’s eye, my character is clad in heavy plate mail armor, with his great sword in hand he fights the good fight. I stand as an agent of good and light and stand against the powers of darkness. My friends and I slay dragons, demons, and other foul and evil things. Yes we all know that it is just in our imagination, but how many people still flex that imagination? When you were a child you played Cops & Robbers, Cowboys & Indians, and other things…role-playing is just an extension of this. I am flexing my mental muscle…are you?

*(Editor’s Note: Please don’t troll me because I said that…I have honestly felt like that…I am in no way belittling the hardships that people have gone through because they are homosexual. I see what some of my friends have gone through with their families; let alone what society has seemed to do to them. All I was really saying is that I know how cruel people can be if the think your “different”.)

PS: Do yourself a favor and check out Dead Gentlemen Productions The Gamers or hit up YouTube for Dead Alewives Watchtower…it will give you an idea of what gaming is more like then something evil and corrupting.


~ by lyoncage on October 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “D & D Satan’s Game!”

  1. I have to completely concur with this entry. When my family foudn out I was a gamer, I was literally shunned. It’s good to know that someone out there is trying to educate the populace.

  2. […] gracious host recently discussed all the poo that’s been flung his way by philistines (if I might mix metaphors momentarily). While I can easily believe and sympathize […]

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