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Halo 3

9/25/07…Halo 3 hit…and it hit hard! $170 million dollars in 24 hours, and they canceled the movie project? Some folks are just stupid. Not to mention all the sales since then. Bungie has come along way since the Marathon series, and all I can say is WOO HOO!

This is a very light and spoiler free look at the game, but needless to say I am still trying to get all the extras so I am still feeling the euphoria of the game.

So then what is my take on this Juggernaut?

This series has come full circle…is a very good way. Too many game franchises, pump out sequels that are either the same thing all over again or just ruin what came before. Halo 2 was a huge improvement in over all game play from Halo 1, and while there isn’t too many things new about how the game plays since Halo 2. There is enough that makes this game stand out from the last incarnation.

It is still the same smooth focused game play most X-Box fans have come to know and love. Some wicked cool levels that when the difficulty is cranked up to Legendary are really just that. Don’t get me started on “Cortana” sheesh! With the addition of some awesome new weapons and vehicles make multi-player game play even more fun. However no “Blood Gulch” does makes baby Jesus cry, its doesn’t ruin the game in any way shape or form. With tons of achievements to unlock the replay value is way high. The last feature that makes me super happy is 4 player co-op! Holy crap! SO MUCH FUN!

The story brings us full circle as well. We see the conclusion of the story that started in Halo 1, and we get some closure from the book Fall of Reach as well.(I really recommend it…while a super easy read, it is well written for game tie-in book, plus Master Chief is always cool) And if you don’t watch through the credits you’re a dumb-dummy-dumbhead.

So where can Bungie go from here with the franchise?

I’d say pretty damn far. They have left us with much Haloverse unexplored, a lot more stories that haven’t been written. Plus it still looks like Peter Jackson will be working with Bungie for the next foray into this battle hardened world. I hope we get more on the Forerunners, and a closer look at the Covenant.

Bottom Line: This is a must have 360 title! If you loved the first 2 this one will not disappoint. The game is just wicked fun!


~ by lyoncage on October 11, 2007.

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