The Effect is Massive!

So let me preface this a little.

I love Bioware. They have thus fair failed to let me down with any of their titles. Each time they have released a game I was in line with my money in hand. I would sit for hours upon hour working to beat these games. Each had amazing graphics for the time and each had some incredible depth of story and game play features. Baldur’s Gate I & II, Neverwinter Nights, Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, all are masterpieces of the Video Game genre.

So by saying Mass Effect makes them each look like a 5th graders Refrigerator Art, is no small feat.

The game is set in our near future and Humanity had discovered ancient advanced technology on Mars. Using some reverse engineering this tech allowed Humans to catapult as it were into the greater galactic community. Of course, because we are human, we started stomping around and rattling our sabers and generally being well very…Human.

So then with this simple set up leads us to the game…I don’t want to spoil too much. I really don’t. So in the game you take on the role of a hardened human soldier (Male or Female). You catch wind of a pretty wicked plot and get to rocket around a pretty big galaxy trying to piece a greater mystery together. All the while meeting new aliens…befriending some…killing others. Oh and if your lucky you might actually get lucky!

Sounds like a pretty generic plot, huh? Well in some ways its been done before, but what made this game the Magnum Opus of gaming is the whole god damned delivery.

The story is told in this grand epic movie sort of way…its like watching a kicks ass Sci-Fi moive series but you’re the center of the action. Cut scene after cut scene the game just kept getting better.

Unlike past Bioware games instead of going with a “good vs evil” character path. You are given a more interesting path to follow. Pargon vs Renegade. What made it nice is you could gain points on either path and it wouldn’t make you lose points on the opposite path. So  if you think pulling a “Han shoots Greedo” moment is what needs to happen…then go ahead!

It has bar none the best dialogue in a game to date. All of which is extremely well voice acted. Being a fan favorite of Seth Green made me happy, while he doesn’t have a huge role in the game he in it…made me all warm and fuzzy.

It has fluid amazing graphics, stuff just moves like it should. The whole game play aspect takes a bit of getting used to it’s plays more like a 3rd person shooter with RPG elements in combat. You can stop the action to dish out commands and resume the epic amounts of ass-kicking you do with total ease. Some fights seemed to get a tad repetitive but honestly Combat while fun wasn’t what made this game so great.

So is there anything in the game that I disliked?

Well it’s hard for me to say I disliked anything about the game. I have a few things that were more annoyance then dislike. Elevators in the Future…well they are slow…really slow. But depending on what characters you have with you, you get some pretty funny banter.

The Mini-Game of hacking…got old…really at some points forced me to always take certain characters. A lot of complexes shared the same layout, I know this mainly a disk space issue and they wanted to focus on other things but a little bit more variety would have been better. And lastly the AI in the enemies was sometimes stellar other times it felt like I was beating up that retarded kid from “Life goes On”…but I guess that rings with some elements of real life. Some folks rock…some folks suck.

The 360 now has another Killer App and it is Mass Effect…buy…play…love…then play it again and go all renegade and have a hot Lesbian Alien Sex (Not kidding…it got banned in Korea for it)

If I were to give it a rating…

10 out of 10, Five Stars of Five Stars, 2 Thumbs Up! Damn this game was good!


~ by lyoncage on December 24, 2007.

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