It was a (shooka shooka roll) a pleasure to meet you…

March 4th 2008…Labeled as GM’s Day has today lost the man who helped shape a generation…a man that opened the door to fantasy for many of us Gary Gygax has passed beyond the great veil and its safe to say Mordenkainen has left the building. For me it was summer of 1984 when I was busy playing the Atari at my friends house when his older brother popped out of his room and asked me the question that changed my life forever.

“Hey you want to help us kill a dragon?”

For those that know me the rest as we say is history.

I had the pleasure to finally actually meet Mr. Gygax at GenCon ’07 last year and tell him how much I appreciated the game he and Dave Arneson created. For 23 years I have been a gamer and among all the games I have played, ran, or just bought…Dungeons & Dragons was…is…and will always be the game I continue to play.

So for the last 23 years…and for the rest of my life Thank you Gary…You will be missed.

May our dice never stop rolling!


~ by lyoncage on March 4, 2008.

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