49 days…and counting!

Here is a little blip about my 4th edition world I am building at this time. Keep in mind this will be the world I will set ALL of my D & D games from this point on. (makes it easier on me…) All the things that the players do will have lasting effects on the world. Everyone that plays in my world is going to help me build the coming age of this world.

Kanith, The world was forged by the titans and carries with it a sorted history. The Most recent is the Great Cataclycm. Some eleven hundred years ago on the continent of Kanith-Tor, the two great empires of Bael’Turath and Arkhosia clashed in a great war that tore much of the known world asunder. Only with the Intervention of the Gods was the world not destroyed.

It has taken centuries for the world recover from the event that is only barely remembered and slowly fading into the annals of antiquity.

The Three main areas that will be my inital jumping off points for Campaigns are the following:

Vale of Kael’turgoth: The Valley of Kael as most the locals call it, Is a quiet and secluded place untouched for some time. But who or more importantly what was Kael’turgoth?

The City-State of Arthidane: A larger more cosmopolitan area that has several smaller villages under its protection and tends to be a more politically driven area. The ruler of Arthidane is always at odds with the Guild Council.

The Westwood: a burgeoning frontier territory, a lawless region that a brave group of pioneers is trying to tame. This great endeavor is being led by a young idealist Nobleman.

Now I have close to about 120 pages worth of fluff written for the Campaigns.  Just a few things to note is that this world will be embracing most of the 4th Edition mantras:

The PC are the Heroes, the world will be shaped and changed by their actions.

Points of Light in the darkness. The World is a very dangerous place, many don’t venture far from their villages and cities

Old is new again, forget what you know…many things have changed and the world is new place to explore and discover all over again.

This is just kind of a teaser of whats to come. Over the next few weeks I will be posting little tidbits and some history of Kanith.


~ by lyoncage on April 19, 2008.

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