GenCon, Tacticon and other Musings.

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Okay I am officially back in the saddle again. If I skip a weeks worth of blogging…some one needs to give me a swift kick in the jewels and get me writing again.

So lets recap the last few weeks.

GenCon ’08

Wednesday T-Minus One day to GenCon: So our (my friends Mike & Liz and myself) plane arrives at roughly 10:30 am Indianapolis time. We check in at a hotel near the Airport for our first night because the reservations for our hotel near the convention center aren’t until the next day. We settle down in our rooms and made our way to the Convention Center proper.

I headed up to RPGA Headquarters, got signed in, and then I got recruited to run some private Living Forgotten Realms Adventures for some WotC employees and their friends. Was a great time over all doing that for those guys! (Pics will be inbound at some point…)

GenCon Day One: We (again Mike & Liz, and our friend Dave who flew in from Texas later that first day) woke up early….headed for our new hotel, checked our bags at the front desk, we couldn’t check in until lik 11am and seeing how it was 7am…we had time. I made my way to the Convention Center headed to the Sagamore Ballroom (RPGA Central) and Spent the next 4 hours Shucking Minis, Building Dungeons, and getting to know some of my fellow DM for the Dungeon Delves.

The Delves got underway and I had a hoot, I met a lot of people…the best of them were a great group of guys and one very pretty(and very hardcore) girl from Montreal. They were the best group I had all weekend…and Rene! Is the Critical Master of DOOM! (Guy rolled like thirty Nat 20s all weekend)

GenCon Day Two: Was much of the same….Delves Delves Delves…And Running another LFR (Living Forgotten Realms) game for the WotC guys. Got a chance to talk to Mike Mearls for a little bit…HE IS STILL MY HERO!!!

GenCon Day Three: Delves…Delves….I am sick and Tired of Delves…then I ran the 8 hour Special for the WotC guys…8pm to 4am….I could barely roll dice at that point.

GenCon Day Four: I got the last of Delves outta the way…my last Table was the French Canadians from Montreal again! HOORAY!!! (god I loved gaming with those guys…and yes I really really did they were the player highlight of my weekend.) Then it was smooth sailing and easy going till we had to be up at the ass crack of dawn the next day to fly home.

Total Player Death Count: 16 (12 of them fighters take 2 defenders in your groups damn it…it helps so much.)

Tacticon ’08

So Lenny Logan (a great guy and awesome DM) wrangled me to help run Living Forgotten Realms games at the local fall gaming convention here in Colorado. Was a good weekend….and I got to play my Orc Fighter To’Mahar…and I have a great story to tell about him in my next blog.

So…That leads me to now…

I run at the moment 3 weekly 4th Edition Games. And I have to tell you I am loving it. I Play in a Bi weekly Shadowrun Game, and a Bi-Weekly 4th Edition game. Sure I am spread a bit thin at the moment but at least I can say I am enjoying my life the best I can.

Oh…The Dark Knight Rocked me so hard, Pineapple Express sucked nuts, and Tropic Thunder is in my top 5 comedy’s of all time now. And I am still Gainfully employed! That and Hober convinced me to play WAR…god damn him!
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One Response to “GenCon, Tacticon and other Musings.”

  1. Sounds like a blast! Mike Mearls is a a great guy and his wife is just marvelous. The kids got to charm them both at the summer picnic. =) I can’t wait to see your pictures.

    I’m glad that you are feeling better.

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