To’Mahar the Blessed of Eaerlann

So for my first and for some time what will be my only Living Forgotten Realms character is the Orc Warrior To’Mahar. I received the Orc Adventurer creation card for Living Forgotten Realms at GenCon and just had to play a gray skinned brute. I just had too! So thus was born…To’Mahar!

“One of the first things I could remember of my life were the shouts of anger….”

As a young orc one of his first clear memories was of the brutal way in which his family was driven from their home in the Kingdom of Many-Arrows. He did not understand why their home was taken from them. It was only later that he learned, it was because of certain actions taken by his parents. These things forced dishonor on them and all of their line. Any of their clan were deemed to be traitors to the Kingdom of Many-Arrows.

His father and older brothers fought to reclaim any shred of honor and seek death in battle. However To’Marhar’s mother fearing the death of her last son ran from their village, taking the young orc with her. It took many weeks, but finally his mother found them refuge in the city of Silverymoon.

The people of Silverymoon while outwardly kind always looked upon To’Mahar and his mother with disdain. Orcs were still the enemy. Years of hard work from his mother at any job she could take allowed them a hard yet honest living. As To’Mahar grew he took it upon himself to aid their situation and he took to work as a Heavy Laborer in the city. This strenuous work helped condition his body into the wall of hard muscle he is today.

Tradgey yet again struck him late in the year of his 16th Summer. His mother grew deathly ill and soon passed away from a wasting sickness. To’Mahar was now totally alone, while tolerated in Silverymoon he was still an Orc…and Orcs are dangerous. He felt it was time to leave the North and seek out another place where he might find acceptance.

With in the small apartment they lived in To’Mahar, found a great axe wrapped in oil cloth. He remembered it was in fact his fathers Axe. Taking it and along with what little money he had saved, he bought armor and the other trappings he would need. Now was the time to set out and build a life for himself.

Just before he left Silverymoon for good stopped one last time at the famed “Son of the Goat” tavern. There he met several other Adventurers and a very distraught man named Halaskar.

Halaskar explained that a week ago or so, the Fellowship his adventuring group, had entered the High Forest but disaster overcame them when a large group of orcs fell upon them. They were too numerous to defeat in open battle, so the Fellowship fled before them. The orcs chased them for many miles until the Fellowship chanced upon a cavern next to a nameless river deep within the forest. Hurrying inside, they discovered that it was an elven tomb of sorts. They could not investigate further because the orcs attacked. Before Joyin could open the door into the tomb proper, the Fellowship was overwhelmed. Halaskar alone escaped, managing to cut himself free during the orcs’ last terrible assault.

Now Halaskar laments over the fact that his friends and companions are dead and that he is all alone. He offered To’Mahar and the others a fair amount of gold to retrieve the bodies of his fallen friends. Needing all the cash he could get To’Mahar agreed to the task and with his new companions set out for the High Forrest.

Once in the forest it took several hours of travel through the difficult terrain to find the place Halaskar spoke of. A lone orc was collecting water by a river, looking to use his appearance to his advantage To’Mahar told his companions to stay hidden in the trees while he approached to see if could gain the orcs trust. The plan failed…To’Mahar’s speech and manners proved that he was not an orc to be trusted and with a great yell the orc called for aid and they set upon him and his friends with zeal.

The battle was fierce, but soon over the magical and martial prowess of To’Mahar and his companions was too great for the orcs and soon they found themselves entering the elven tomb to find the bodies of Halaskar’s friends. It took no time to locate the bodies…and low they found that one of the Fellowship was alive. Joyin Bladebite, the dwarf rogue was still drew ragged breath. He explained that the rest of the Orcs had left to get reinforcement to try and breach the Tomb itself…Joyin pleads with the party to make sure the Tomb is not plundered by the orcs and to save what ever they can from them.

The group agrees that would be the best course of action solves the riddle that keeps the door locked enters the ancient tomb to save what treasures they can from the defiling orcs.

Beyond the doors, passageway slopes steeply downwards. The walls of this place are carved to represent a lush, verdant forest. Incredibly lifelike stone trees tower above thick, luxuriant undergrowth throwing their finely detailed canopy across the ceiling giving no glimpse of what lies above. Drifting motes of magical light brightly illuminated the area.

An extremely large chamber, decorated in the same manner as the passageway, stood at the end of the corridor, giving the illusion that a woodland glade lies just beyond. In several places, ornately carved columns, depicting great oaks hold up the ceiling.

A pool of pristine water dominated the room’s center. Within the pool, a small island with an ornately detailed statue of a handsome elf male bore a longbow and harp.

This is a place of exquisite beauty and filled To’Mahar with a sense of clam and overwhelmed him. He rushed into the room with out thinking and he and his companions were attacked by Guardians of the Tomb….Constructs made to look like the living trees themselves. Self preservation was a driving factor to the group. And while it pained To’Mahr to destroy these thing of beauty he and the rest of his companions fought off the guardians and with skill and raw determination.

After taking a moment to recover from the fight the group followed on of the passage ways out of the great room. The walls of the hallway are plain; the ubiquitous carved trees absent. Instead, exquisite lifelike paintings of a young female elf cover the walls. The painting apparently show the life of the elf that is entombed here. At first she is shown as an infant, then a young girl, as a woman learning magic and so on. She is slim and athletic with hair of pale gold and eyes of vibrant blue. The later pictures are darker in style, lacking the youthful exuberance of the earlier paintings. In these she is shown battling orcs with blade and spell. And the final picture shows her lying stark in a clearing surrounded by piles of slain orcs. She is a vision of unequaled beauty and martial prowess that To’Mahar has never known before. His heart pounds in his chest his he knows no other will ever come close to her…she is perfect. To’Mahar is smitten with a elven maid many years dead, but this alone changes his life forever.

The group continues on deeper into the tomb, and finds room in which stands A sarcophagus. The sarcophagus is in the center of the chamber. Scenes of tall, thin eladrin, their heads bowed in grief, processing through a forest decorated it. Two slender man-high candlesticks, whose tips glow with soft blue light, flank it. To’Mahar curious about the blue flame grabs the candlestick and it shifts and opens a secret passageway. Curious the group takes this passage and follows it into large stone chamber. The chamber’s main feature is the large mosaic map covering much of its floor. The mosaic shows a larger forested region buttressed by a mighty range of mountains to the north that have actually been built out of the floor in exquisite detail. Two large pools of softly glowing silvery liquid stud the map. As the group approached closer to get a better look, everything went wrong. The pools of softly glowing liquid started to bubble and boil. Then very quickly, the liquid spilled out across the floor, small tendrils rose from it and seemed to quest toward us. At the same instant, the chamber’s stone door slamed shut, and bolts from within clicked into place. Then figures of pure sliver rose from the pools, they looked to be elven warriors carrying spears…with out speaking they advanced upon the party.

With quick action and even faster blades and spells the group dispatched of the silver guardians, and the door once again opened. The companions also find a second hidden door in that leads from the chamber that contained a small, humble tomb, a single sarcophagus its only feature. This was the real final resting place of the elven warrior maiden. As the group approached the sarcophagus a translucent figure of an elf woman slowly coalesces above it. Thin and athletic, her face is deathly pale and her wan golden hair swirls about her face as if a mighty wind was blowing. In little more than a sibilant whisper, the apparition spoke, “Who are you that dare disturb by long slumber?”

The group stood silent not knowing what to say. To’Mahar knowing this would be his only chance stepped forward and spoke first, “I am To’Mahar…I stand before you my soul bare and my life humbled by your deeds and beauty. We came here only to protect that which was yours from my kin…for they sought only to plunder what you left behind. We wish to preserve it!”

The spirit turned and looked upon To’Mahr with anger and hate very prevalent in her eyes. “ORC…in my tomb you are a liar and a beast.” That was when the rest of To’Mahar’s companions took it upon themselves to persuade the spirit that not only was To’Mahar telling the truth that he was in fact a noble fighter who sought only to preserve this place. After several moments the spirit turned to To’Mahar and asked, “Warrior will you carry on my life’s work then? Will you take up arms and hunt orc and demon alike and rid the world of the evil they can bring?”

To’Mahar kneeled before the spirit and spoke, “I would do all that you ask and more.”

Then take my blessing…and work to rid the world of darkness!” A bright light washed over To’Mahar and he felt infused with life and energy. He stood his eyes faintly glowing blue in the darkness. The spirit imparted her treasure to the rest of the group, and quickly with Joyin in tow the companions returned to Silverymoon. Halaskar overwhelmed by the sight of Joyin told the companions that he would always count them as his friends…and To’Mahar set his sights on other adventures and left to carry on the will of the Elven Maiden, Tarnruth.

This is the effect To’Mahar earned….its pretty damn pimp if you ask me.

Blessed of Eaerlann

You have spoken with the ghost of Tarnruth and she has deemed you worthy to carry on her fight against the orcs and demons that assailed ancient Eaerlann.

Consequently, she imparts a small part of her essence to you. When you are in areas of dim light your eyes glow a vibrant blue. Also, elves instinctively note a timeless quality about you and are more predisposed to view you as a friend. Finally, while in the High Forest you may spontaneously experience flashbacks of Tarnruth’s life.


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  1. Urqhart ap Fotheringay Ffortescue IXth of that name Orcish Paladin of Corellon Salutes thee.

    I did the same at the UK Gencon 2008.

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