The Zombiegeddon is upon you!


“Behold the death of your world. There, cresting the horizon. Yes, that faint body is he, and he comes for me . . . for us all. Rejoice, for the end is near and all life, all pain, all suffering shall be silenced in the perfect eternity of undeath.”

So tonight my Tuesday group has recovered and you all read about the TPK. Nasty Business and right fully so. So this week they began the Campaign I have been working on called “Zombiegeddon”, now before anyone else that plays in games I run gets worked up over the fact that I started this game with this group don’t worry…This is a game I can run Several times…Different folks reacting to the situations very very differently will be a lot of fun to play out.

So all last week I had been in correspondence with the players taking questions and answering them about the new game, set in a Roman-esque country. Giving them a lot of background and making the world breath the right way, allowing them all to come up with good backgrounds and motivations for each of their new characters.

So lets meet the new Cast!

Kriv: Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut, Played by Ray

Dagon: Dragonborn Cleric of Bahamut, Played by Ed

Garrix: Elven Wizard, Played by Mike

Grachus: Minotaur Fighter, Played by Jeff

Erintrhas: Eladrin Ranger, Played by Chris

Marcus: Human Warlord, Played by Paul

So like so many games their characters began the session sitting in the stereotypical tavern a long running staple of D & D. With excitement and gusto they each began to describe their characters. Dragonborn Paly…Eladrin Ranger…Minotaur Fi…”The door of the inn crashes open drawing all attention to a lone terrified man who stumbles inside. He had are at his throat where is desperatly trying to staunch the bleeding for what you can only see as vicious neck wound. “You have got to help me!” he screams. Then before anyone can react a blur of motion and the man is brought down hard by a ravenous Zombie…let the insanity begin.

So the game is at its heart a Zombie Survival Horror game, based in a D & D Fantasy World.

Now at first glance one might think…meh…so what! We got magic, we got clerics, TURN UNDEAD!

Well ask my players after last night how much those things helped.

I took the liberty to ramp up the the danger level.

First and foremost…the players had no idea this was coming. So they had no clue and as such were not able to metagame and optimize their characters accordingly, I set them up good. Which honestly is a great thing…really makes them think on the fly.

Next I ratcheted up the Zombies a couple of ways. One of the things about recent zombie movies and video games is that I like the shambling awkward Zombie, until it locks on to you and then it goes APE SHIT BALLISTIC! So I upped the speed of a Zombie when it charges a Living Being. Making them fast made for a nice surprise to the party. Another thing I like is the you got bit…your a zombie in the making my friend. So I gave them a nasty disease that is transmitted via a new bite attack.

I made it based on the new disease track that they have in 4th Edition. However I had to make it so what fair to the players so they can only contract the sickness after they have been bloodied. and are then bitten by a Zombie…and only Zombies. First it will slowly weaken the ultimately kill any character that gets it, and turn them into a flesh eating menace and as of right now has no cure.

They faired well, made way more good choice then bad…and only one of them became infected with the Plague…poor poor Kriv.

Now they find themselves knee deep in Zombies and stuck in the middle of a city, but at least they are behind the walls of a large Temple…with some 40 other civilians and maybe 2 weeks total worth of food. Ah its good to be the king.


~ by lyoncage on December 17, 2008.

One Response to “The Zombiegeddon is upon you!”

  1. Grachus here…er well, I’m the guy who plays Grachus that is, and I’ll add in that Wes did an admirable job of springing this on us. We were completely blindsided. About a month ago Wes asked me what I thought of the idea of a zombiegeddon type game, and I responded that I thought it was totally cool and that, quite by coincidence, I’d been recently reading a bit here and there on the internet about just such a setting.

    Well anyway, it’s honestly a wicked wicked set up. I love the crunchy aspects of an ever present danger that’s quite literally waiting on your doorstep. It’ll be interesting to see how the whole thing plays out for sure. I was big into the Midnight setting when it came out, and this has that type of feel to it.

    Bravo Wes, you done good so far.

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