Zombies at the Gates

Whee! Session 3…What a roller coaster.

So the Cast remains the same…Kriv, Grachus, Garrix, Dagos, Marcus, and Erinthras.

The Scene: The group after making contact with Antillar, the Captain of Brindol Keep’s Guard, decided it would be good to make a trip to the Keep and see if they can get more help for the remaining survivors in Church.

After heading roof top to roof top the see the Gate House some 70 feet from them. Zombies wander the streets shuffling about. Before they can catch their breath, the scene turns. A young girl races from a near by alley her siblings in tow while their father desperately tries to keep some zombies away from his children. His strength gives out and in short order he is drawn and quartered by the advancing zombies. His children now stand terrified at gate house with no where left to run. The players…move to try and save the poor children.

Without any fear or regard for his own safety Kriv rushes forward to throw himself between the on rushing zombies and the children. Grachus moves himself into position as well. Dagos moves to back Kriv up. Garrix uses his encounter utility power Jump to make a leap from the roof top he is on to a tree that is near another roof top so that he can get a better vantage point to use his powers. However when he makes the 5 foot leap to the other building his luck runs out and he plummets nearly 25 feet to the ground below. It is suggested that Garrix might not want to quit his day job.

The zombies rush into attack leaving Several of the party members isolated and surrounded. The fight is going relatively well. Until round 3…when more Zombies arrive. Kriv and Dagos find themselves in desperate combat with several zombies and a corruption corpse that is helping make short work of their hit points. Grachus with his invigorating powers is holding his own much better but is still fighting a losing battle.

It takes the players a few rounds to try and regroup and get a grappling hook up the gate house and try and get the children and themselves away from the zombies. However almost all their healing has been used…their action points blown early in the fight on less then useful actions. Round 6 sees more zombies and a 2nd Corruption Corpse shamble onto the field of battle. It is starting to look bleaker and bleaker for the players.

Finally Marcus grabs a child and starts climbing. Grachus gets surrounded by Zombies and finally is bloodied and is bitten and infected with the Atropos Plague. Kriv throws himself between a charging Zombie and the last child, allowing Dagos to grab the last two children and begin his climb. Kriv wounds prove too much and he falls to the zombie onslaught. Garrix moves to save Kriv and it looks as if he might have a fighting chance.

However a few few solid hits later and Garrix fall unconscious atop Kriv. Grachus retreats to the rope and climbs to safety. The remaining Zombies descend upon the fallen and feast on the flesh of the wizard and the paladin.

The remaining players take a moment to catch their breath and are greeted by a few guards from the keep. It is then that they find that only 7 guards and Captain Antillar are all that remains of the Keep’s Garrison the rest were sent into the city to help stop what was going on yet were overrun and many fell to the zombie onslaught. Antillar tells them that word much reach the Capital so that the Legions of Arthright can move to stop the zombies, his men are too few and inexperienced. He asks the group if they would be willing to make the Journey. He provides them with a Map of the sewers that shows them an escape route, and gives them some items from the keeps vault to help them.

3 days…2 deaths…1 more infected…things are looking bad for the home team.


~ by lyoncage on January 7, 2009.

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