Zombies Suck…Ogre Zombies Blow…

Update #2 of Zombiegeddon: Last week December 20th, 2008

So…This is a week late. I will write up and post up update 3 after this one.

The Cast:

Kriv: Infected Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut

Dagos: Dragonborn Cleric of Bahamut

Garrix: Elven Wizard

Marcus: Human Warlord

Grachus: Minotaur Fighter

Erintrhas: Eladrin Ranger

The Scene: Our brave group of survivors embark upon a mission for the Church of Erathis.

Last time after making a harrowing escape from the Antler and Thistle bar settled into the Cathedral of Erathis. It was here that they learned that what ever sickness the zombies carried was for the time being not curable by normal magical means. Kriv was crestfallen, but vowed to take as many of the abominations with him as possible. They along with 46 other civilian survivors as well as Brother Thalin an aged priest and Sir Halenden, a paladin and the last living defender of the cathedral, settle in to wait out the calamity that has befallen the city of Brindol.

However Father Thalin comes to them with dire news. The church has perhaps 10 days of food if they ration it wisely. He asks them if they would be willing to venture out into the city and bring more food stores back.

After a bit of debate the group makes the choice to use the city sewers to make their way to a known inn near the church. With hopes of finding more survivors and getting as much food as they can carry.

Once into the sewers the group is set upon a swarm of undead rats that have fallen victim to the same sickness that has claimed the lives of so many now. With skill the group makes short work of the rats and moves on towards the inn.

With stealth and a little bit of luck they find themselves at the Chattren Inn. With haste they make their way inside and find that those inside the inn have either been turned into zombie chow or have already gotten up and shambled away…or so they think. Erinthras hears something in the kitchen and moves closer to investigate and comes face to face with a new meance…a swarm of zombie children. With an unearthly scream the swarm moves to feed on the surprised and rather disgusted heroes.

After a pitched and rather scary battle the swarm of children is dispatched and the group is able to search the rest of the inn. They find a wizard whom used his magic to hole himself up in his room and while rude…is grateful to be rescued. In the cellar they find nearly enough dry goods to help feed the survivors for nearly a month…a good haul.

With speed they exit the inn to return to the sewers…however the eerie cry of the swarm attracted something they didn’t expect. Just as they are about to enter the sewer a wagon is thrown the street and a hulking Ogre rushes towards them. However…the Ogre it would seem is the now among the ranks of the undead. Along with him come several other zombies who were also attracted to the inn.

A dangerous fight ensues, but with luck and bit of skill the group escapes back into the sewers bruised yet unharmed. However the Ogre, whom Grachus recognized as an Ogre Gladiator known as Bruticus is far from dead and with his savage strength being his pursuit of the players through the sewers. Other zombies join the chase and the players begin a deadly game of cat and mouse trying to lose the zombies in the maze like sewers.

After nearly an hour of running and dodging they shake their pursuers and return to the church with food in tow.

So they can now say they have survived Two days…two days.


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