Final Crisis 6 the comic that time forgot!


Oh the humanity!

I am an unabashed comic book geek…I collect some 30 Titles a month.  Today…well today kind blind sided me much like Marvel did a few years back with Captain America.  And the reaction made me go huh?

So today January 14th, 2009…Mark this day America, for a icon of our culture moved on.

Batman, the dark knight, the caped crusader Perished.

For months and months british Writer Grant Morrison has been hinting and teasing that He was in fact going to kill the Dark Knight off in his regular run on Batman. However Morrison just kept teasing us with “I don’t what to kill characters I would rather do something to them that is far worse then death.”

So  sure…we keep reading…and reading and watched a rather crazy story unfold. A rather eccentric group of wealthy crazy folks who called themselves The Black Glove strode into Gotham.  This group knew Batman’s real identity(which I might add is…meh Riddler knows…Tim Drake figured it out…Supes knows…passe I tell you),  they tried to thoroughly wreak havoc in Bruce Wayne’s life.

So as one might try to remove Rasputin they drugged him, drove him insane, commit a soccer hooligan style attack on Alfred, blow  the Batcave up, and then just cause they throw in a falsified a sex scandal involving Bruce’s parents. Toss in some day time soap drama with Bruce’s current lover turned to be also a part of the vile  Black Glove group.  Then in a real Morrison only twist, the Black Glove’s leader claimed to be a still-alive Thomas Wayne who arranged for his wife to be murdered and faked his death.

This was the fate…that was far worse then death? Well maybe to JR Ewing…but Batman?

Well in R.I.P‘s final issue,we found out that Batman had known all along, and went on to beat the villains soundly…like he does…cause he is Batman!  Kind of a let down…really.

In Final Crisis #6, Batman goes mano-a-mano with ultimate baddie Darkseid. He takes down the villain, but not before Darkseid lets out a final Omega Beam attack that confirms how Batman’s death is in fact quite literal, as seen in the issue’s final page.



So there you have it!

So Batman is gone…and at the time of writing…NO MAJOR coverage.  NONE…NADA…ZIP…

BLEH!  Instead the masses flocked to the House of Ideas and bought and went insane for Amazing  Spider-Man 583.  Which has a back story (about 6 pages) of how Spider-Man saves President Elect Barak Obama from the vile shapechanging assassin/spy Chameleon.  WOooooOOOOooooOOOOooooo!

Obama Spider-Man

Honestly Politicains and and Celebrities are in comics a lot…its not a huge deal to me.  Yes Barak is the First African American President…Yes he went on record saying he loves Spider-Man…Yes I am happy and over joyed that we saw past the race barrier and made this possible and it happened in my lifetime.  But in the world of Comics…its just another day at the office.   Batman getting axed…isn’t.

So here is to you Bruce!


May 1939 – January 2009


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2 Responses to “Final Crisis 6 the comic that time forgot!”

  1. I can’t believe they killed of Batman on my birthday. Suck!

  2. Final Crisis and 52 were all terrible

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