A near Zombie-Less Zombie-Geddon!

So I kinda fell behind on my Zombie-Geddon update.

So Here is a quick recap of the last few sessions.

After the Devastating loss of Kriv and Garrix the group met with the sole survivors of the Brindol Keep. Captain Antillar, and 7 other soldiers. They explained that they were all that was left of the keep garrison after the initial attack killed the Lord of Brindol and many of the guards. They were well stocked and provisioned for months. Captain Antillar told them that word needed to reach the capital of Arthright, so the Legions could be mustered and the city liberated. He gave the characters a map of a secret passage way to get out of the city through the Sewers. It was to be used to get nobles out of the city during a time of crisis…however the undead attack was so swift and so unexpected that Captain Antillar would be surprised if any noble got out of the city. He also mentioned that the survivors in the Church might fare better if they could be moved to the keep.

It seemed to be a daunting task…but armed with the map of the sewers they think they could quickly and quietly move the citizens to the Keep. Armed with this knowledge they quickly made haste to return to the Church. One of the guards reported that survivors were spotted on one of the roof tops near the gate house. A dwarf and a tiefling were stranded on the roof looking for a way to get inside. With some help from the guards and a few cleverly places balista bolts anchored with Chains, the two new survivors were able to reach the gate house unmolested.

These new comers are Kurgan the dwarf ranger, and Nemarra tiefling Starpact Warlock. They were part of another adventuring group that met is grisly end at the hands and mouths of zombies. So now with their ranks full the group secreted away back to the church to start the evacuation efforts.

However all was not well with the survivors of the church. As the characters re-entered the church grounds. They were greeted with a grisly discovery, nearly 15 of the survivors here were savagely killed, many others were wounded, and the last defending Paladin was also dead.

It was learned that a group of men infiltrated the church put as many to the sword as they could before they broke into the chambers of the head priest of the church and broke into a secret vault in his chamber. There they stole an ancient and wholly evil artifact “The Book of Vile Darkness” it was placed in the head priests hands to keep it hidden and safe…but with the current events…the time was right for it to be taken it would seem.

The group quickly moved into action to get the remaing survivors ready to move to the Keep, and quickly moved them through the sewers toward the Keep. It was just before they made had accomplished that goal when the Zombie Ogre the now dead Gladiator Bruticus attacked. The group moved with haste and engaged the hulking creature. A perfectly placed shot from Erinthas felled the beast and allowed the survivors to enter the keep safely.

After that task was completed they decided that recovery of the book was paramount. With skills and a bit of luck they tracked the thieves to the now burned out temple of the Raven Queen. Within the temple they found the thieves, a Death Priest of Orcus and his minions, 2 Berserkers, a small horde of Zombies, and a vile Deathlock Wight. The fight that ensued was brutal fraught with blood and a dwarven ranger dominated most of the fight beating on Dagos. However our Heroes won through and recovered the Book. With night rapidly setting they didn’t have time to return of the Church or the Keep, so they found refuge in the place where all this began…The Antler and Thistle Tavern.

Another session to recapped soon!


~ by lyoncage on February 19, 2009.

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