PHB2 First Impressions

phb2So I got to spend most of yesterday reading the new Player’s Handbook 2 from WotC.

Overall its a pretty decent read.  I of course will have to delve deeper into it over the next few weeks and will be intrested to see how the new classes actually play in games.  I am glad I am one of the head RPGA DMs here in Denver so I will get to see a lot of diffrent combinations of Race/Class pairings.  And I will get to see the Classes optimized….cause thats what LFR players do…they basicly make thier characters the most dilineated version of thier class build as possible.  I’ve seen a 3rd Level Rogue with a +15 to hit with a Dagger…however they are usually paper thin and drop at the side long glance of a goblin but that is besides the point.

What I like:


Deva (Pronouced DAY-vah):  So the entire new concept/re-imagining of the Aasimar is just super kick ass…Angels that chose to be Mortal to fight the good fight on the mortal world is too cool.  Fraken Awesome!

Gnomes: Well the Gnome Rogue is gonna be running rampant all over but for good reason, Fade Away and and Reactive Stealth are really pimp abilities.

Half-Orcs: Overall good retooling and re-imagining of this classic race…and and 100% less rape!

Shifters: While never my favorite race from Eberron they did a good job making them for 4th Edition.  Plus to diffrent racial builds is a neat Idea…wish they would have expanded upon that with some of the other races.


I have looked in depth at the Avenger and the Barbarian at the moment….but here are my thoughts on the two new Melee Strikers.

The Avenger: Is pimp! Like we are talking Gold-Chain-Crushed-Purple-Leisure-Suit-Wide-Brim-Hat-Wearing-Crystal-Topped-Cane-Weilding PIMP!  They are a mix of Batman and Nightcrawler with a dash of “Whose your Daddy!”  Pretty much my new favorite class.

The Barbarian: Made some improvement over the Playtest we’ve had for some time, plus we finally have the 2nd build the Thaneborn.  I see some seriously stupid power combos….but every single one usually leave the Barbarian worse off then when he started.


Again I have only really had time to dig into the Heroic Feats.  Most deal with the new classes and races.  A few are general and seem like a needed addition (However I am not a fan of imposing automatic feat choices aka 3.5 Combat Casting was a must for all spell casters)

The few that stand out at decent feats:

Melee Training, Speed Loaders, Combat Medic, Distance Advantage are all good.  I will have to really look deeper into the feats.

So far that is about all I have been able to digest.

A few days from now I will give you more on my thoughts and feelings.

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~ by lyoncage on March 17, 2009.

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