Its a Brand New Day!!! (go go Spider-Man)

::Begin Transmission::

So welcome to the beginning of Kanith-Tor!  Huh? What? Who? Let me explain.

It has always been my desire to build one game world to house all my campagins I run for D & D.  So in essance build a world by running games of D & D…And I am here today to tell you that I have epiclly failed on that front for nearly a year and a half.

I lost my muse for gaming.  I didn’t stop gaming, just I have been awash in a sea of total creative rut. 

4E came out…and I was so excited.  I love the system, I love the changes, I love the way it plays, the ease of running…I have spent a lot of time looking into the nuances of the system. 

So I feel I am technically well versed in the mechanics of the game.  But…I haven’t been able to get a really solid campagin in my head.  I have been running pre-written adventures, kit bashed things, converted older edition adventures, and nothing really from y own dreamscape.   I thought my well had gone dry.  Well that was until last week. 

I had a Jimmy Neuton says a “Brain Blast” and images and story elements started running through my head.  I have written some of these down and others are still swirling in my head. But I think I have finally come to the point where I can strike while the iron is hot and make a worth while D & D game again. 

I will be posting updates at my new gaming blog site(Well old but now about to be used)

So start checking that site out for insights and creative building from me over the next few weeks to months. 

You can’t stop the signal!

::End Transmission::


~ by lyoncage on December 9, 2009.

One Response to “Its a Brand New Day!!! (go go Spider-Man)”

  1. I’m glad the D&D Muse has come back to you, and hope to see more from you soon!

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