Nerd is the new black!

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So of course this isn’t a new concept or idea. Many have talked about this subject ad nausea.  However I would like to take the time to speak about my thoughts on the matter.   I am a nerd, a geek, a dweeb, all those things and more.  Of course so is everyone else in this fine world.  We are all nerds about something.  Whether that is Dungeons & Dragons or watching Football, we all have that moment to geek out about something we love.  The difference is that the things I and my friends tend to geek out about will lose what is commonly now referred to as the “Muggle” population (people who aren’t gamers or comic nerds really). They will look at us like we are speaking a different language.  Then usually one of them will bring up the Big Bang Theory…




Why? It is a really simple explanation for me. When you really come down to the brass tacks of it all. The show isn’t for nerds, at all. It really is for people who are sort of friends with nerds.  For that guy who is like “yeah my buddy plays Magic or yeah my Brother-In-Law is in to that”. Really all of the humor in the show typically revolves around Sheldon or one of the other cast being really socially incompetent and just very non sequitur thing like “That’s crazier than trying to play Battletoads!” or “That reminds me of my N64!” or “Blah blah something something Game of Thrones!”

I absolutely love shows like Community and Arrested Development. They are smart shows about dumb people. Big Bang Theory is a very dumb show about smart people. Those characters are there for the audience to laugh at and make fun of, usually just like they did in High School.

In short, the show is a poor attempt at ‘nerd-humor’ by simply dropping references, creating intentionally awkward situations, and it has a god-awful laugh track.


However now the world is rife with so much Nerd stuff it really boggles the imagination. Avengers, Dr. Who (yes I know it’s been around for years but in the US it just recently got huge), Batman, hell even My Little Ponies have made a comeback in a huge way…with men 18-34, and pre teen girls. 

Television is where they great bastion of it is.  I mean I had to get a new DVR just so I can keep up with the all the new Nerdy freshmen and the returning shows.  I am not usually around to see them when they air as usually my time is consumed by being out with my nerd herd playing games and the what not. My current draw is Star Wars Miniatures: X-Wing, and Star Trek Attack Wing.  Both great games based in general on the same rules mechanics.  I will give a review of both here soon.

So in the coming weeks that follow I think it will be good to take the time to review these new Shows, Games, and movies as they come out.  Also if you can think of anything else you would like my loud and obnoxious opinion on please let me know.  Just don’t ask me about The Big Bang Theory…

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~ by lyoncage on September 25, 2013.

One Response to “Nerd is the new black!”

  1. I agree for the most part about Big Bang Theory. I much enjoyed it earlier on because I could relate to the characters (Sheldon excluded…) and some instances of nerdom through the series are for the most part true, even if through a caricatured lens. Naturally, my wife and I like it for two different reasons. She’s the, as you say, the viewer who has a nerd friend, while I myself more relate to some characters. The last two seasons, however, have been entirely unbearable and I’m really not excited at all for the next season to start this week.

    That said, I wonder how you view the Gamers movies, namely Dorkness Rising and Hand of Fate. Made by gamers for gamers but which still poke fun at gamers for people to laugh at. Curious.

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