I suck at blogging!

[[Tansmission Line Open]]

So I said it…I suck at blogging.  Last Blog September of 2013…its now July and I am just now touching this again.  So A LOT has transpired in this last few months of Blog Silence.

Little news…Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. got good…real good.  Enough to make me eat a little crow about my last post about it.  Still not better then the CW’s Arrow.  However still a solid outing by the end of the season.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier RULED!!!! Seriously it kicked so much ass…

D&D 5e has released…I will be writing about that here in a few days.

My friends Josh and Kris got hitched in New York!  Huzzah for them!

And the biggest news of all.  I got cancer! YAY!!!  Which is one of the reasons I am back here writing.  I don’t share very often.  I mean I share opinions but I don’t share deeper things very often.  So I feel like I need to share here.

I am not mad…I am upset…in fact I am strangely at peace with the fact I have a potentially lethal illness.  I just know I am going to be fine.  I have the best family and friends that surround me and are just fueling me with support and positive thoughts it is really awesome. Also medical science has come pretty damn far and while I have 18 more weeks of Chemotherapy to go.  I am in good hands and feel ready to make this just another long but still kinda short stepping stone in my life.

So I am going to try and make 2 weekly contributions to this blog every week from now on.  Mainly I’ll be talking about nerdy nerd stuff.  Movies, Gaming, TV…the regular ilk.  If you don’t see me post…BUG ME about it.  Seriously. I need to make myself write…and share…and in general live more.

And just because I am pimping this all over here is a fundraiser I have to help me offset some of my medical bills.  Pretty much everyone who reads this blog has already seen this so I am not really gonna expect much traction from this but I need to add it any way. Let’s Help Wes Kick Cancer’s Ass!

Anyway…off to concocted my first actual blog to blog about….

[[End of Line]]





~ by lyoncage on July 15, 2014.

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